Stop Wasting Food to Save 2% of the Annual Total Energy Consumption. Here’s How You Can Do It.

When you reduce or fully stop wasting food, you can save 2% of the annual total energy consumption of the United States. The 2% seems like a tiny bit of change. But to give you a closer look, this 2% is already equivalent to 350 million barrels of oil in a year. And it’s true…

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Keep Your Food in the Fridge Fresh with These Tricks

Don’t you know that with every grocery food purchase you make, you will likely throw out 20 percent of it? This surprising number could be simply brought by a few items like a moldy cupcake, a spotty banana, and a strawberry marmalade past its expiration date. Food getting bad can’t be avoided, but you can…

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Here are Ways You Can Do to Make Your Loved One Happy on His/Her Birthday – Even When You’re Far Away

In life, there will be a time when you need to go on your own way. This may also mean separating from your loved ones, may it be family, relative, or friends. Being miles away from a loved one doesn’t mean that your relationship is over. With today’s technology, you can easily connect with them…

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You Could Be Throwing Out 23 Pounds of Food Every Month. Here’s What You Can Do to Reduce Food Waste

An average of 23 pounds of food is wasted per month for every American. The entire nation wastes 38 million tons of food per year. Why does this matter? It’s because most of the foods wasted are still fine to eat. Unfortunately, factors such as appearance and expiration dates make consumers have no choice but…

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