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To qualify for standard next-day delivery, you must order before 8 pm the previous day.

Full street address, city, and zip code. (include APT # if in apartment)
For example, gate code, deliver on specific date, etc.
We strive to meet these time windows but do not guarantee them.
$29 extra. Must order before 6 pm for same-day.
Within 0-7 miles of delivery address, no extra charge. Check Google.com/maps for mileage.
List any bananas, cucumbers, peaches, or other fresh produce items.
List any sodas, tea, water, or other drink items.
List any cereal, bread, chips, or other dry food items.
List any soups, chili, or any other canned foods.
List any ketchup, hot sauce, mustard, or any other condiment items.
List any yogurt, milk, cheese, or other dairy items.
List any ground beef, steaks, fresh fish, or other meat counter items.
List any ice cream, tv dinners, or other freezer section items.
List anything else that doesn't fall into the categories above.
Typically 1-3 items will be out of stock.
We will confirm after we have payment and your list.
Our minimum delivery fee is $99 and goes up from there.
Google.com/maps to measure distance
Your grocery bill and any extras will be due upon delivery.
Click the submit button below.


After you click submit, go to GroceryTeam.com/pay, pay our $99 standard fee and your delivery will arrive shortly!

An auto confirmation email will be sent immediately (check your spam folder).

We’ll send you an order confirmation soon.  Thank you!