For standard delivery, our charge is $49 flat.

We do not markup groceries and we don’t accept tips.

What is a Standard Delivery?

A standard delivery is a next-day delivery for up to $125 in groceries from one store that is within 7 miles of delivery address.

Standard Delivery

  • next-day
  • up to $125 in groceries
  • 1 store
  • store is 0-7 miles away from delivery address

Optional Add-ons

We offer optional services and add-ons that we charge extra for.

Option #1 Same-day delivery – $19.

Option #2 Get delivery from a store 7-15 miles away from delivery address – $19.

Option #3 Get delivery from an additional store – $19.

Option #4 After hours delivery. If you would like a same-day delivery that will be delivered after hours, we occasionally deliver after 9pm if we’re able to (we’ll let you know ahead of time) – $19.

Note that if you are located further away, we can still deliver but we have to charge a fee for the extra gas and driving time involved.  You’ll always know ahead of time.

After $125

Our flat rate delivery is $49 for up to $125 worth of groceries.


If your grocery bill is $117, our fee is $49.

If your grocery bill reaches $125, our fee is $49 + 30% of the bill over $125.


If your grocery bill is $147, our fee will be $49 (prepaid) + $6.60 (due at door). We’ll subtract the $49 you already paid and you’ll owe $6.60 on top of your grocery bill.

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