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What grocery store do you shop at?

Whichever one you want so long as it’s within 7 miles of the delivery address (if 7-15 miles away, it’s extra).

Costco, Kroger, Whole Foods, Tom Thumb, Sprouts, Target, Aldi’s, and others. Just let us know.

Do you offer custom shopping services?


We are aware that our customers may occasionally need additional assistance beyond groceries. If you have a unique request, please let us know.

Are there any hidden charges?

No. We don’t like it when companies play games with the price. We strongly believe in upfront pricing.

You’ll never get hidden grocery mark-ups, admin fees or surcharges with us.

All of our prices are listed on GroceryTeam.com/prices.

How does payment work?

When you complete your order, you pay our $59 standard delivery fee.

Upon delivery, you will pay for your grocery bill + any extras (ie same-day delivery or grocery bill over $125).

We accept credit card, cash, and check (checks will be withdrawn immediately).

Can I order remotely?


We understand that you may be ordering for a friend or loved one.  If so, no problem.  We handle remote deliveries all the time.

Are you just neighborhood delivery?

We shop for everyone.

We can shop for companies & businesses, seniors living in assisted care homes, people in apartments, non-profit organizations, busy students, etc.

How will my groceries be treated?

We treat your groceries like we would our own. We’re gentle with the eggs. We lay the bags down softly in the car. We make sure the laundry detergent isn’t mixed with the fruit.

We take the utmost care of your groceries because it’s how we think our customers should be treated.

How clean are your cars?

Ultra clean. We demand our shoppers get their cars detailed before working with GroceryTeam.com.

To deliver groceries, our shoppers must maintain the GroceryTeam.com cleanliness standard.

We pay close attention to detail and being clean is extremely important to us.

Why no tipping?

We very much appreciate your kindness but we respectfully ask that you do not tip shoppers.

Of course, our shoppers already know this policy.

We do this to 1) keep our prices straightforward and 2) keep things easy on you.

You never need to worry over whether to tip or how much.

If you’d like to show your support, we’d love to get your Google review or Facebook review.

What North Texas communities do you deliver to?

If you’re within 35 minutes of Grand Prairie, there’s a great chance we deliver to you.

Check out our grocery delivery map to see if you’re in our yellow delivery area.

If you live further out, we can usually still deliver for a small fee to cover the extra gas and driving time.

What if I don’t have a list?

If you don’t have a detailed grocery list, we can still help you.

Just give us a basic item and we’ll pick something out for you. This is the perfect option if you’re not picky.

For example, let’s say you want organic milk but don’t know what brand to put, just write “organic milk” and we’ll pick something out for you.

All we ask is you give us enough specificity (ie shredded cheese vs. sliced cheese).